Saturday, June 14, 2014

Change Your Name

When Abram was 75 years old God told him to get out from his fathers house, and he will make of him a great nation and he will bless those who bless him, and curse those that curse him, and in him all families of the earth shall be blessed.
15 years later when Abram was 90 years old God told him the same thing, and Abram said how can this be when I have no seed?
In my own words God said, I'll tell you how, I'm going to change your name to Abraham which means Father of many nations.
Even though God had promise Abram that a great nation would come from him. Abram's faith had not been developed enough to receive what God had promise. Even 15 years later, it had not come to pass, so God had to change his name to Abraham.
Once God changed his name every time he told someone his name, every time someone called his name they were saying what God had said about him. Father of many Nations. How many times does someone say your name? How many times is someone saying your name that you don't know about?
15 year after God promised Abram the blessing, it had not
come to pass. 10 years later after God changed his name to
Abraham, the father of many nations, Abraham son Issac was
What was the difference? God made it to where Abraham had to call into existence what God had promised. He changed his name.
Do you want what God has promised you? Well then change your name. Call yourself Prosperous, call yourself Healed. Call
yourself Delivered. Call yourself Victorious. Call yourself
More Than A Conqueror. Call yourself The Head And Not The Tail.
What is your name? Who are you? Are you the defeated, or, are you Seated in Heavenly Places with Christ Jesus?
Start calling yourself, what God says about you. When someone tells you something that is not what God says, then tell them oh no, I not saying that anymore, I'm saying what God says about me.
I am who God says I am. I can do what God says I can do!
Be Blessed.
Courtney Ivan Jones

Monday, June 9, 2014

Don't Overlook The Small Things

In my morning time with the Lord today, I realized that there are some things that God showed me along time ago, and has kept showing me over, and over, but I missed it until now. There is no telling where I might be now, had I paid attention to this little thing that God has been showing me over and over.
Abraham made the same mistake. He asked God how can great nations come out of me when you have given me no seed. But the truth was that God had already given Abraham his seed, because God gave Abraham his word, but Abraham didn't see God's word as his seed.
God operates on seed, time, and harvest. That's why I think we miss it so often. We are looking for something big, and God hands us a seed, so we can plant it and watch it grow. Another scripture comes to mind that says Despised not small beginnings.
I read in one of Kenneth Hagin's books, where he said God told him " My people or looking for the spectacular, and they are missing the supernatural".
This life is a journey. Where we start, is not where we will end up. I going to go back and do that little thing that God showed me to do longtime ago, and a lot of other little things that he told me to do, and get them going. 
You no the same thing happen to the rich young ruler. Jesus told him to sale everything that you have and give it to the poor, and follow me. The rich young ruler went away sad, because he thought Jesus was trying to make him poor, but Jesus wasn't trying to make him poor, Jesus was trying to blessed the man and bring even more abundance, wealth into his life, because Jesus said, and I'm using my own words now " whatever you give up for the gospel sake, you will receive it again 100 fold, in this life".
It is so easy to miss out on what God has for us, for one reason, Gods ways and thoughts are higher than ours. I have learned today, that it is so important to pay attention to everything God tells us, no matter how small it may seem.
Be Blessed,
Courtney Ivan Jones

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thinking About All My Children

When I was young I wanted to have 10 children. I had in my
head that as they got older things would get easier. Boy was I wrong. As they got older the responsiblilty increased.
I never did write my book that I said I was going to write. I was going to call it Before You Have Children. Who knows I just may still do it. I have a lot of stories. Like the time one of them pulled the cushion from out of the bed, and stuck up their nose.  We kept wondering what was stinking. My when we finally found out it was coming from one of kids, My wife pulled this big wad of cushion out the girls nose. It must have been in there for a day or two cause it was full of blood. I still don't know how she got all that up her nose.
Anyway 2 of my kids are grown, and 2 will be grown real soon.
But I still have 2 little ones. I never had sons, but I have  2 grandsons.
I invested money in a risky foreign currency, about 10 years
ago. It looks like it will pay off in the near future. I really hope it does. I will be able to help all my children get on their feet, and be able to be apart of their lives. Even if it does not, I will still be there for them.
I pray for every child in America. I pray that Gods protection
be upon them and that God's light shines upon them so that they can see the path that he has made for them, and that they chose to walk in the light.
Be Blessed
Courtney Ivan Jones